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PEM® microPEM® fasteners

The world has changed dramatically since screws were invented more than 2000 years ago. Empires have come and gone. Mankind went to the moon. Philly cheesesteaks were invented.

Yet, open up any cutting-edge electronic device, from laptops to cell phones to credit card readers, and what are you likely to see? Screws.

There’s a better way: TackPin® and TackSert® fasteners from microPEM®, a division of PEM and PennEngineering.

TackPin® and TackSert® fasteners are smaller than screws. They’re also lighter, stronger, more reliable, and simpler to install, which means faster production, less scrap waste and reduced maintenance needs on the line. They even cost less.

When it’s time to stop screwing around, #TackThat with TackPin® and TackSert® from microPEM®.

"We use a thread forming screw in our current generation of cameras. The head diameter is 4mm by 1.5mm and screw length is 6mm. The size of the TackSert® fastener was critical due to the reduction of our new camera size, clamp force requirements, cleanliness (thread forming screw required lubricant coating), and cycle time."

- Valeo

Which microPEM® Tack product is best for you?


Type TK Pins

  • Alternative to micro screws, eliminating many of the costs associated with threaded hardware
  • Simple, press-in installation. Does not require heat or ultrasonics
  • Appropriate for attaching top sheets to bases of cast aluminum, plastics such as ABS, or common magnesium die casting materials such as AZ91D
  • Top sheet can be any material
  • Ideal for circuit boards
  • Low-profile head fits places screws can’t
  • For use in cases in which disassembly is unnecessary

Self-Clinching Fasteners

  • Replaces and reduces costs associated with screws, welds, and adhesives.
  • Designed for sheet-to-sheet attachment.
  • For use in stainless steel and higher strength aluminum alloy sheets.
  • Attaches top sheets as thin as 0.2 mm / .008".
  • Clinches into base panel as hard as HRB 45 / HB 84.
  • Tapered and interference fit minimize hole tolerance issues.
  • Custom variations include countersunk, large head, flush head, this sheet and belleville-shaped FlexTack.
  • For use in cases in which disassembly is unnecessary.

Self-Clinching Fasteners

  • Replaces micro screws, eliminating costly installation issues including tapping, cross-threading, torque control, and vibration back out.
  • Designed for sheet-to-sheet attachment.
  • Simple, press-in installation for secure attachment.
  • Twists out (unscrews) if removal is necessary.
  • If removed, fastener can be reinstalled one time using permanent thread-locking adhesive.
  • Can be installed automatically for high volume applications.

microPEM® fasteners vs screw installation

Tack based solutions from the microPEM® family of fasteners not only save you time, money, and resources, they also enable applications above and beyond the ability of screws.

Want to make your product thinner? Lighter? More durable? TackSert® and TackPin® can turn those blue-sky desires into a practical-and profitable-reality.

Use the visual comparison tool on the left to explore just a few of the ways microPEM® tack solutions outperform micro screws.

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