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PEMedge™ Teardown Service

PEMedge™ Teardown Service will explore and test alternative fastening solutions for you – free of charge. Our team will disassemble and analyze your product, then recommend new ways to improve cost, assembly time, strength, weight, aesthetics, and more.

As part of our service, we will:

  • Completely disassemble your product
  • Document and photograph the disassembly process
  • Recommend alternative fastening solutions for cost savings and better performance
  • Replace current fastening method with recommended solution (if possible)
  • Present a comprehensive teardown report
  • Return all product materials

Global Service Available
PEM® offers teardown service locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. If you require service to be conducted onsite at your location, contact your regional factory/technical location.

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“PEMedgeTeardown Service proved to be an incredibly valuable resource for us.

By breaking down and examining the current assembly of our product, the PEM® teardown team was able to suggest new fastening alternatives that not only cut time from our assembly process but also delivered significant long-term cost savings.

We put PEM® engineering expertise to work for us, and it paid off.”

- Leading Technology Company
PEMedge Teardown Service

Think Inside the Box™ with PEMedge™ Teardown Service

Disassemble icon

Step 1 - Disassemble

  • Each teardown starts with disassembly
  • Performed by PEM® engineering experts
  • Step-by-step photos and descriptions are captured
  • Main body disassembly – frame, cover, base
  • General external hardware removal – screws, hinges
  • Internal component removal – fasteners, camera, hard drive
Analyze icon

Step 2 - Analyze

  • Assess the product’s assembly structure
  • Examine fastener types used throughout product
  • Evaluate fastener locations, quantities, sizes, materials
  • Identify alternative fastener solutions
  • Replace and test fastener alternatives
  • Compile all teardown statistics
Recommend icon

Step 3 - Recommend

  • Present detailed teardown report
  • Discuss alternative hardware recommendations
  • Identify cost savings opportunities
  • Identify efficiencies in assembly time/steps
  • Outline steps for implementing new solutions
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