Free for existing and new PEM® customers, our PEMedge® teardown services are delivered by our expert team of engineers to help you: 

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve assembly efficiency 
  • Reduce product weight 
  • Improve performance 
  • Optimise your designs

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The PEMedge® Teardown Process

1) Disassembly

We'll start by disassembling your product and removing its external hardware and internal components, recording our work in step-by-step photos.

2) Analysis

Our teams will assess the product assembly structure, examining the fastener components and testing them with viable alternatives from our range.

3) Recommendation

We'll share our findings in a comprehensive teardown report, identifying opportunities for reducing costs and improving performance.

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Where We Work: 


North America 


What We Work With: 

Consumer Electronics 

Smartphones, computers, gaming consoles

Automotive Electronics 

Cameras, infotainment systems, EV chargers


Servers, rack systems, security cameras, accessories

"PEMedge® teardown service proved to be an incredibly valuable resource for us. By breaking down and examining the current assembly of our product, the PEM® teardown team was able to suggest new fastening alternatives that not only cut time for our assembly process but also delivered significant long-term cost savings." 

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