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PEM® Fastening Solutions for Datacom and Telecom.

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Great ideas CAN happen when you Think Inside the Box.

The datacom/telecom industries are feeling the pressure to put more technology into smaller boxes – in a shorter amount of time, and with reduced budgets.

With PEM® fastening solutions you get an expert team to support you, with quality and custom parts to help you meet today’s biggest challenges.

Our highly technical inspection process for all PEM® fastening solutions results in the fewest quality issues and the highest level of reliability.

Our support services – from teardown services to training – are available throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

Think of the possibilities.

In addition to having one of the largest, most diverse product portfolios, PEM® offers custom solutions for your unique application requirements.

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"When our design requirements called for a denser server in a smaller profile, we had to completely change the configuration for its rackmount rails. PennEngineering® worked with us to create a custom fastening solution that was low profile, but still had a strong attachment point. This custom PEM® SpotFast® fastener was so successful that it was used for the remainder of this server's lifecycle, to the tune of 1.5 million fasteners over time.

- Leading Technology Company
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Think Inside the Box™ with PEM® and microPEM® fasteners

SO Self-Clinching Standoffs

Self-Clinching Standoffs

  • Simple press-in installation into round holes

  • Installed flush on one side and the fastener is permanently locked in place

  • Ideal for mounting, spacing or stacking of panels

  • Unthreaded standoffs available for spacing multi-panel assemblies

  • Unthreaded standoffs available for spacing multi-panel assemblies

  • Available through threaded or closed end for flush appearance

S-nut icon

Self-Clinching Nuts

  • Simple, press-in installation

  • Install permanently in aluminum, steel or stainless steel sheets

  • Strong load-bearing threads in thin sheets

  • High pushout and torque-out resistance

  • Serrated clinching ring prevents the fastener from rotating after installation

  • Available with prevailing torque or free-running locking threads

PF11M icon

Captive Panel Screws

  • Provide easy service access without loose hardware

  • Shoulder on retainer provides positive

  • stop during installation

  • Anti-cross threading feature eases assembly, aligns components and prevents jamming

  • Available in three installation types

  • Available in a variety of knob styles

Let's Think Together

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Case Studies

SpotFast case study

PEM® SpotFast® Fasteners for Server Mounting Rails

Learn how PennEngineering®  designed a custom fastening solution that helped a major tech firm meet their challenge of creating a more dense server in a smaller profile.

TackSert case study

PEM® TackSert® Pins For HDD/SSD Rack

Learn how PEM® TackSert®  pins helped a major tech firm reduce its part count for a widely used rack assembly in half, providing significant cost savings and tamper-evident features.

TD case study graphic

PEM® TD™ Solution Delivers Mechanical Fail-Safe Feature

See how smart engineering and extensive application testing was used to create a custom PEM® solution for this global tech firm’s complex server application.

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